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Apr 2006

Akshardham Musical Fountain of Eternal Life!

Five years in the making, 300 million hours of human effort and 7,000 skilled sculptors, welcome to the Swaminarayan Akshardham. Akshardham contains the world’s largest step well (shaped as a yagna-kund) measuring an impressive 325 feet x 350 feet, 108 shrines, a Giant-Screen Large-Format Theater (like Imax®) with screen measuring 85 feet x 65 feet, a spectacular indoor 12 minute boat ride experience and the newly adopted and inspirational musical water fountain.

Laservision was engaged to assist in the design and overall installation of the fountain. The fountain attraction consists of nine main parabolic jets, a centrally located water screen, animated wave patterns, mist effects, rocking motion effects, 165 dynamic lighting fixtures and an accompanying soundtrack.

Akshardham, Light, Water Screen, Musical Water Fountain Attraction - Laservision

At night thousands of spectators congregate around the ‘ Musical Fountain of Eternal Life ’ to witness the 12-minute water show. The show represents the changing cycles of life from creation, sustenance through to destruction.

Over 20,000 devotees enjoyed the fountain’s spectacular Inauguration Assembly. The opening left a lasting impression on all who were present and the worldwide viewers who saw the live broadcast across 152 countries.

Akshardham, Light, Water Screen, Musical Water Fountain Attraction - Laservision

Laservision’s show control technologies were utilised to coordinate all of the media elements within the show. The technology allows normally incompatible elements of multimedia such as fountains, surround sound and architectural lighting to be integrated and to be programmed and replayed simultaneously.

Laservision is a world-renowned pioneer of creative, high impact solutions for the attractions, advertising, and special events industries. Our creations are projected to targeted, large scale audiences, where the audience becomes an integral part of the experience. These creations include permanently installed entertainment for theme parks, tourist attractions and other special venues. Laservision also caters for themed celebrations and presentations for both the private and corporate sectors.

Laservision’s world-renowned installations including Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Sydney’s Darling Harbour can be viewed from our portfolio page.

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