LASERVISION are masters of customer experience and transformation. We create world-class entertainment installations which have become universally sought after.

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It’s Time for Your Mall to Adapt, or Become Obsolete

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step to maintaining RELEVANCE and building a deeper connection with your customers!

The Facts




As the likes of Amazon take hold in Australia, shopping centres need to think outside the square to create compelling reasons for customers to leave their homes and visit their physical storefronts and multi-million dollar properties, otherwise, business owners are set to lose ground as e-commerce sectors grow and competition increases, leading to market saturation. Wondering how to differentiate, compete and drive visitors to your mall? Please, read on.



The Future of Retail is Changing and Consumers Have CHANGED

Meaningful entertainment experiences that drive ROI are becoming essential for shopping centres and brick and mortar retail who want to leave a lasting impression with their customers. The retail industry isn’t going through an evolution. It’s going through a REVOLUTION. Consumers want the full-service experience. Give them shopping, fine dining, casual dining, personalisation and whatever you do . . . ENTERTAIN THEM! The rise of digital and social media has driven a monumental change in the retail landscape. Give them an experience that is worthy of sharing with their social network. Creating special events and unique permanent entertainment installations within your shopping centre not only drives footfall to your storefronts and F&B, but can also lower your vacancy rates and secure lucrative lessees. 


LASERVISION’s ‘IMAGINE’ continues to contribute to Dubai, UAE record tourism growth.


How We Help Increase Visitation

LASERVISION are masters of customer experience and transformation. We create Mega Media installations which have become universally sought after. These installations combine amazing creative content with cutting-edge technologies, creating immersive experiences for audiences around the world. With highly efficient operational costs as well as being upgradeable, reprogrammable, and creatively adaptable for diverse environments, these attractions typically return more on investment than one-off events and festivals. They generate revenue on a long-term basis with the reprogrammable aspect encouraging revisitation from tourists and locals.

Importantly, we know that transactions are essential to retailers and therefore to malls. What LASERVISION does, is extend dwell time and increase visitation. More time = more transactions.


Here’s Our Proof that it Works


When asked about IMAGINE’s Success, “We have already experienced a 40% uplift in visitors and we expect this positive trend to continue,”

                                    —Steven Cleaver, Director Shopping Malls, Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate



“Since the commencement of ‘Symphony of Lights’ show, the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong has increased to over 28.1 million and continues to rise.”

                        —Hong Kong Tourism Board



With the inception of the Wonder Full show, “Marina Bay Sands now draws some 22,000 audiences a week, an increase of almost 40% from last quarter.”

—Singapore Tourism Board Independent Survey

LASERVISION’s Unique Attraction Development Process

The Attraction Development process developed by LASERVISION over the past 35 years has been used to establish the framework for the development of world-class attractions including The Guinness World Record Setting A Symphony of Lights Sound and Light show in Hong Kong, and the recent 2 x Guinness World Record IMAGINE attraction in Dubai.

Our process is a tried and tested methodology designed to provide valued clients with professional advice to make informed decisions and project foundations to be established; leading to increased ROI, efficient project management, and creative collaboration with our clients.

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