Softstop Barrier System, Water Screen, Traffic Tunnel Safety - Laservision

The Softstop™ Barrier System solution was developed from LASERVISION’s government endorsed Research & Development facility. The emergency response system was primarily designed for vehicle tunnels and has the key objectives of safety (prevention of vehicles entering a dangerous environment) and infrastructure protection.

This system creates the illusion of a solid surface that instantly blocks traffic. The Softstop™ Barrier System produces a pseudo holographic image that appears to float in mid-air, commanding the attention of the motorist, making the “STOP” message impossible to miss!

Unlike conventional warning lights, signals or signs that appear in the peripheral vision of drivers, the Softstop™ Barrier System is the only visual messaging system that appears in the direct view of the driver’s vision. Should the driver be unable to stop in a timely manner, they are able to pass through the wall of water. This soft barrier also allows for emergency vehicle access and the safe exit of existing pedestrians and vehicles from the tunnel.

Additionally, a myriad of other fail-safe and preemptive strategies make Softstop™ a highly effective rapid response barrier system. Read more about our innovative product here.