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Dec 2015

‘Heartbeat of the Murray’ Grand Opening: Laservision’s New Mega Media Spectacular

Laservision and Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement Unveil World-class Laser Light Show



The audience is taken millions of years in the past to the Murray region’s stunning Mega-fauna Period in ‘Heartbeat of the Murray’.

December 22, 2015 – Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia – On December 2nd, Laservision’s ‘Heartbeat of the Murray’ laser light show entertained state and federal government representatives, dignitaries, staff and contractors as The Pioneer Settlement opened the new state-of-the-art permanent tourist attraction since its construction began earlier this year.

Pioneer Settlement, celebrating its 50th year of operation, has invested more than $3.8 million in the state-of-the-art multimedia laser light show, augmented reality experience, and freshly renovated venues. The redevelopment of Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement will increase tourism, provide economic benefits for the local Murray River region.

The grand opening began with a celebratory meet-and-greet at Pioneer Settlement’s new entertainment venue, the Lower Murray Inn, and led to a much-anticipated ribbon-cutting ceremony. Honoured guests eagerly awaited in anticipation for the night to fall as local indigenous didgeridoo artist, Nick Hayne set the scene for the picturesque setting on the Little Murray River as crowds gathered into the amphitheatre to watch the spectacle unfold.


‘Heartbeat of the Murray’ indigenous Dream-time sequence was a big crowd pleaser and showcased the immense talent of Laservision’s creative team.

The 24-minute spectacular, which is forecasted to attract more than 30,000 tourists a year to the Murray region, is one of Laservision’s newest and most technologically advanced creations, utilising the natural landscape to tell the exciting story of the Murray River. “Nowhere else in Australia are people able to experience anything else like this said Director of Mega Medium Attraction Development, John Kehoe. “our creative and technical teams have been able to leverage the river’s natural landscape into the show, providing an outcome that is not only visually stunning but environmentally friendly.”

Laservision, the world-record setting and highly acclaimed permanent tourist attraction specialists, definitely know how to wow the crowds. The visual experience takes the audience on an exciting journey through time. Beginning in the Southern Ocean, millions-of-years-ago through to present day. The show seamlessly blends the use of high-definition video projection, lasers, special effects to create a visual feast to audiences and provides a unique sensory experience. Larger than life pseudo-holograms of mega-lizards, Indigenous Dreamtime stories, and pioneer history weave together well with a high-definition cinematic soundtrack that pulls visitors, of all ages, to the edge of their seats.

“I think if there is anything that will get Gen-Z off the couch and their iPads, it’s this show!” says The Honourable Danielle Green, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Major Events and Regional Victoria

‘Heartbeat of the Murray’ is eco-friendly. It uses water from the Murray River to power it’s high-powered fountains and water screens, complemented by energy efficient LED lights. The show uses over 20 high-powered water fountains; multiple water screens; intense fire effects; high-definition video projection a large array of LED, motorised and high-intensity lighting; snow, fog and bubble effects, as well as their signature, state-of-the-art laser technology and proprietary fibre-fed media servers to create a stunning 360-degree immersive experience. From the very start to the grand finale, the mega mediums that Laservision has pioneered over 30 years produce the sharpest results achievable in the industry. It brings realism and full immersion into the story that audiences can’t get anywhere else.

After the show had ended in a grand finale of fire, water and laser light, the amphitheatre burst into applause. Swan Hill Mayor, Les McPhee commented that ‘Heartbeat of the Murray’ is “a great experience. It tells the real history of the Murray River, and I would recommend it to everyone.”


Lights, fire, and water technologies come alive as the show crescendos into the grand finale.

Tony Jenkins, General Manager for Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement, praised Laservision and the success of the opening saying, “Laservision is a truly professional organisation; you wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. They listen, they understand the end goals, and they make the product easily achievable. I don’t think there is a finer product or service. This marks the beginning of a long-term partnership with a world recognised and award-winning establishment. We’re very pleased with the outcome.

Shannon Brooks, Laservision General Manager when asked about the completion of ‘Heartbeat of the Murray’ said, “Laservision is very honoured and proud to have created a truly unique Mega Media attraction for the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement. Working closely with the Swan Hill Regional Council we have produced a spectacular show showcasing the latest in entertainment technologies and effects Along with Marina Bay Sand’s laser light show in Singapore, and our Guinness World Record-setting ‘Symphony of Lights’ in Hong Kong, this show adds to our stellar reputation for providing incredible world-class attractions. This time in our own backyard. We couldn’t be prouder.”
The ‘Heartbeat of the Murray’ laser light spectacular is showing every night to the public at Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement and is suitable for all ages. To see the incredible new attraction for yourself, you can visit Pioneer Settlement’s website for tickets and information.

You can also visit Laservision’s website to follow their journey as they continue to wow audiences around the globe and catch an inside look into the creation of ‘Heartbeat of the Murray.’



Laservision is a world leader in Entertainment Communications, known for its work in Mega Media Attractions, Special Events and Architectural Lighting. Laservision’s original creations are enjoyed by tens of thousands of people around the globe each night. From a one night Special Event to a permanently installed Attraction, Laservision has an enviable track record.

With 30 years of active industry experience, Laservision has repeatedly taken 1st place in a host of International Awards. Modern audiences demand more from a spectacular and Laservision delivers. With an approved Government Research & Development facility, Laservision is constantly devising new and innovative ways to materialise the creative.

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