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Jul 2004

Laser and Intelligent Lighting bring Chinese New Year to Life!

Laservision entertains 130,000 people with the transformation of Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre.

Cultural Centre, Video Mapping, Multimedia Laser Show, Hong Kong - Laservision

Laservision was commissioned by the Hong Kong Tourism Commission last August to draw up a harbour lighting report for Hong Kong.

Cultural Centre, Video Mapping, Multimedia Laser Show, Hong Kong - Laservision

As a result of the report, the Hong Kong Tourism Commission promptly decided to showcase some of the lighting techniques to be employed under Laservision’s plan during the Chinese New Year holidays. ‘China Light and Power’ agreed to offer sponsorship to ensure the trial became a reality. Over the past 13 years, the Cultural Centre building has repeatedly come under fire for its “windowless harbour-facing façade”. During the one week celebration, the Laservision crew transformed the cultural centre using light and the buildings unique curves. The elements worked together to produce some very powerful and defining angular elements.

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre produced excitement as Hong Kong saw some special effect applications which had not yet been seen or achieved in the macro entertainment arena. Due to the approaching date of the holiday, the time allowed for the Laservision production was only about three weeks, that time frame included the production of an original sound score.

Laservision crafted a larger than life show incorporating scenic projection, intelligent lighting, and laser animation all synchronised to the original sound. The equipment utilised for the show incorporated 16 searchlights, 60 data flashes, 30 Mac 2000’s, 10 Martin exterior 600’s, 1 Laservision laser system, Laservision’s Sinodial~Series show control system, 7 Pigi projectors and a Myer turbo sound system. All of the creative materials for the show were produced in Laservision’s Sydney studio.

Cultural Centre, Video Mapping, Multimedia Laser Show, Hong Kong - Laservision

The visual mediums were projected onto the 120 X 60-metre wide external face of the Hong Kong cultural centre. The setting up of the show sought the largest crane Laservision could find in Hong Kong. The 160-tonne crane enabled the crew to position and later dismantle the equipment on and off roofs of the building towering 60 metres from the ground.

The Cultural Centre was ideal for such purposes in terms of location and accessibility. The piazza and the marine deck in front of the “big screen” were easily turned into viewing galleries for the vast numbers of people who came to watch the spectacular. The “CLP Lights up Hong Kong 2003” show was widely praised by tourists and local residents alike. The show was described as “immensely successful” (Ming Poa Newspaper). The sponsor China Light and Power were a delight to deal with and ensured the job flowed exceptionally well.

Laservision produces special effects and themed extravaganzas incorporating Laser Effects, Intelligent Lighting, Water Screens, Fountains, Digital Video, Original Sound and Pyrotechnics worldwide. For a greater insight please visit our web site from our portfolio page.

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