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Nov 2011

Laservision Wins NSW Exporter Award!

Laservision receives the Premier’s NSW Exporter of the year for Arts and Entertainment. “The innovation, persistence, and focus they have exhibited in taking on the world and winning, in a period where the AUD is high and economic recovery is very fragile in many markets, is testament to their tenacity”, said Peter Mace, General Manager, Australian Institute of Export.

Laser Light and Sound Shows, Water Screen Attractions, Architectural Lighting - Laservision

In his red entertainment jacket, that he claims to have bought in a garage sale at Neverland, Paul McCloskey, CEO and Founder of Laservision, accepted the prestigious award from Barry O’Farrell, the Premier of New South Wales.

“These awards bring credibility to companies such as ours in exporting our Australian Technology and know-how.” Mr McCloskey said.

In Mr McCloskey’s acceptance he also noted “I applaud Barry O’Farrell’s initiative for next month’s India Trade & Investment mission. We have found India to be a fertile trade environment having just won a major contract in India to retell the miracles of Sai Baba to an annual audience in excess of 20 million devotees.”

Shirdi, Laser Light Show, Water Screen, Multimedia Tourist Attraction - Laservision

Laservision holds offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Sydney Head office with Australian Government approved Research and Development Facilities.

97% of Laservision’s products and services are exported to international markets and companies such as Laservision are recognised as key enterprises driving and maintaining Australia’s economic wellbeing.

“Our clients expect the next amazing wow from us for every project and Laservision delivers it. We deliver it by not sitting there waiting to see what comes onto the shelves, we go out and invent it! We are constantly devising new and innovative ways to materialise the creative.” Mr McCloskey said.

Laservision has won the New South Wales Export Award seven times in the past nine years and the National Australian Export Award on two occasions in the last four years.

This award follows on from Laservision’s success at the Australian Event Awards earlier this month receiving the Best Export Event Award for the Opening event for the Fortune 500 Company, Las Vegas Sands Corporation’s newest Integrated Resort in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands.
Wonder Full, Marina Bay Sands, Laser Light and Water Screen Show - Laservision

Currently engaged on projects in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, Macau, The United Kingdom, Singapore and Russia, Laservision looks forward to a prosperous year in 2012, continuing to entertain Millions of spectators around the world with Australian Grown Technology. Learn more about Laservision’s amazing projects at www.laservision.com.au/portfolios/.

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