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City Hall, Hong Kong

LocationHong Kong

“The sky above Hong Kong’s harbour erupts in a blaze of colour on Chinese New Year … It’s the largest attraction of its kind.”
Special Events Magazine, USA – Kelly Wardle

City Hall Lighting Design, Hong Kong – ‘A Symphony of Lights’

Laservision’s lighting design for the new City Hall complex on Hong Kong Island was heavily focused on exploiting the natural architectural features using dynamic fixtures and techniques whilst maintaining the natural grandeur of the building.

Built in the late 1950s, the complex, designed by British architects Ron Phillips and Alan Fitch occupied an area of 11,000 square metres on the newly reclaimed seafront. Sir Robert Black, the Governor of Hong Kong at the time, declared the opening of this HK$20 million building on March 2, 1962.

City Hall has become an important feature in the ‘A Symphony of Lights’ Spectacular on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour due to its unique architecture, historical significance, location on the riverfront, and the lack of illumination during night hours.

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