‘IMAGINE’ Dubai Festival City, United Arab Emirates

“A World Record-Setting, Multi-Media Spectacle.”

—Khaleej Times, Dubai


Dubai Festival City

Laservision was commissioned by Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate(AFGRE) to design, create, install and maintain a 360-degree light show spectacular that would establish a new benchmark for tourist attractions around the globe. IMAGINE  is the result of years’ of research, planning and design, and spans over 20 acres across Festival Bay and Dubai Festival City Mall.  The spectacular runs 365 days-a-year, day and night, playing a variety of performances including dancing fountain shows, architectural states, day time activations and customised immersive visual creations to entertain audiences of all ages.

Skilfully combining the latest laser, light and sound technologies available, IMAGINE is one of Dubai’s most spectacular entertainment attractions providing stunning moments for festival city photography of the light, water and fire show. 360-degree fountains, powerful lasers, record-breaking water-screen projections, colourful LED lighting, and a towering video mapping projection on the InterContinental Hotel combine to produce one of the most technologically advanced shows in the world earning two Guinness World Records in the process.


Premiere Shows


Laservision’s premiere spectacular, Stardancer is the first production to launch at the IMAGINE Attraction. Stardancer is a beautiful and artistic adventure of gravity personified (Stardancer) told through a ballet of contemporary dance. As Stardancer dances through the cosmos, she interacts with the planets and stars that surround her and overcomes the powerful forces she encounters along the way.

Backed by a powerful original sound score, in high-definition 5.2 surround-sound, Stardancer skilfully combines contemporary and classical dance into a flowing narrative of beauty, struggle and the power of creativity.

Stardancer stars award-winning dancer, Jessica Hesketh and features choreography by the world-renowned Daniel Jaber.




A Child’s Dream

A Child’s Dream is the second production added to the IMAGINE Attraction and is an adventurous journey through the vibrant imagination of a young child. With aeroplanes, magical whales, a mystical tree-house and giant dancing robots, IMAGINE is set to a mix of fun-filled movements of modern pop, rock, and electronic music.

Using the full capabilities of Laservision’s Guinness World Record setting projection mapping, A Child’s Dream paints a bright and vivid story on the towering Intercontinental Hotel and features performances by World Hip-Hop Champions; Identity Dance Company, and the talents of internationally acclaimed choreographer Caetlyn Watson.


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Laservision’s award-winning creative team combined water, light, sound and fire around an all new immersive stage set within Festival Bay and extending onto the InterContinental Hotel. These world record setting projections allowed the creative team to produce beautiful and vibrant imagery at an enormous scale. World-class projection-mapping takes central focus on the entire south-side façade of the InterContinental Hotel producing an ultra-high-definition(UHD) projection surface, 450% larger than the world’s largest IMAX screen. The enormous projection-mapped Intercontinental Hotel is the “World’s Largest Permanent Projection Mapping.”

In addition to the world’s largest permanent projection-mapped surface, Laservision created a world record setting water screen projection within Festival Bay, earning the Guinness World Record for “Largest Water Screen Projection.” Laservision’s creative team took full advantage of the immense space and provided an immersive “in the round” experience for Dubai Festival City visitors. Because of this approach, audiences can enjoy unique experiences as each location around the bay provides a new perspective into the beautiful story of Stardancer and A Child’s Dream.


Projection Mapping

  • “World’s Largest Permanent Projection Mapping” — Guinness World Records
  • 4,857 square meters (36 stories) of UHD imagery on the iconic InterContinental Hotel—4.5 x bigger than the world’s largest IMAX screen
  • 60 Projectors producing 1.4 million lumens of light
  • 15 project zones syncronised through Laservision XHD Video Servers


  • Multiple full-colour, high-powered laser systems producing hundreds of light beams capable of being seen for up to 55 kilometres.
  • 24 high-powered, 7K dynamic searchlights
  • Half-a-million watts of highly efficient lighting including over 250,000 energy efficient, intelligent Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).
  • 72 high-powered, high-definition video projectors creating over 1.68 million lumens of light


  • “Largest Water Screen Projection” — Guinness World Records
  • Custom designed and individually controlled fountains including:
  • Enormous water-screens—2 x larger than an IMAX screen
    • A towering geyser that reaches over 50 meters in height
    • 360-degree articulating fountains, illuminated by high-powered, LEDs
    • Parabolic jets projecting water over 100 meters in distance

Flame Effects

‘Floating’ flame sources creating magnificent flames reaching over 25 meters or 8 stories in height


5.2 surround-sound system generating over 82,000 watts of power providing an immersive surround sound experience


A bespoke, 34 metre floating media control platform positioned in the centre of the Festival Bay weighing 800 tonnes and is the main focal point of the attraction. This iconic piece provides;

  • Dynamic adjustment to tide variation ensuring show consistency
  • Support for 2 kilometres of custom-built, marine-grade fountain structure
  • A hydraulic lifting system that lowers and raises the structure vertically by 2 metres


Maintenance & Operation

To maintain and operate the show, Laservision’s Dubai office provides a dedicated team of specialist engineers and technicians in the mechanical, electronic, entertainment technology, pyrotechnic, and control system disciplines. This team carries out an extensive and specialised preventive maintenance schedule combined with a dedicated operations team 24/7, 365-days-a-year.

“World’s Largest Permanent Projection Mapping”

—Guinness World Records

“World’s Largest Water Screen Projection”

—Guinness World Records

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