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Telstra Australia, Geneva


“Telstra certainly tested Laservision’s ability to respond quickly and creatively to a diverse range of events and on each occasion your team has delivered.”
Telstra Australia, Marketing Communications Manager – Barbara Noonan

Telstra Australia, Geneva

The ‘World Telecom Exhibition’ in Geneva, Switzerland represented the world’s premier telecommunications event. Australia’s largest telecommunications group, Telstra Australia, engaged Laservision over two successive exhibitions to coordinate their showcase.

Due to the David versus Goliath competition at the global exhibition, Telstra’s constraining budget required a creative solution to ensure their display would capture market share.

Laservision’s successive involvement in the forum included achieving the following objectives for Telstra Australia:

  • Distinguishing their display from a large number of competitor stands
  • Creatively manipulating high-tech, ‘eye-catching’ mediums in order to entice the masses towards their showcase
  • Lure the viewers into the integrated theatre located inside the exhibition
  • Use high impact mediums to present Telstra’s corporate message
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