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Nov 2018

Events. What do they Say—or Not Say—About Your Brand?

Looking for unique ways to attract incredible levels of attention to your next event? Then Laservision creative events might just be what you’re looking for.

It may be a once-in-a-decade mega-event, your annual corporate client function or even your staff end of year party, but HOW you execute your events often says more about your company than anything else!


Three Unique Factors to Consider for Your NEXT BIG EVENT

Laservision Mega Media. A world record-setting events and attractions company

1. Get The Audience Excited

As guerrilla marketing stunts, gimmicky activations, and tired same old, same old productions continue to plague our corporate and special events communities, it seems harder and harder to find unique ways to promote your brand and create an experience that will not only genuinely entertain your audience, but give them an experience that is worthy of sharing with their social network and continue talking about for years.

Just remember; entertainment comes first! The promotion isn’t just about promoting your brand, it’s about engaging the audience in creatively unique ways and taking your event to the next level; the party everyone wants an invitation to!

2. Use Unique Mediums

Part of the equation in entertaining your audience is using unique mediums. Not only will the creative content be presented in a new and exciting way, but the scales and technical wizardry that are behind some of these new mediums definitely create that ‘WOW!’ moment you’re looking for.


Projection Mapping

A unique experience that allows for 3D imagery to be displayed on any curved and intricate buildings, landscapes and pretty much any other surface. This technology transforms your storefront, hotel or landscape into an immersive, sometimes interactive, display. It creates a seamless and larger than life experience that goes beyond traditional video projections. There is no better advertisement than portraying a larger than life production and event all over your building!




Water Screens

Water screens are an impressive technology that creates a shimmering wall of water capable of being projected onto. Used in situations around natural or man-made waterbodies, fresh or salt, you can link multiple water screens together to create incredibly rich and beautiful scenes. As high as 36 metres, these incredible technologies will leave your audience breathless, especially when bespoke and world-class creative content is projected onto them.





As the brightest source of light known to man, laser light can be powerful enough to stretch and be seen for kilometres, create immersive and energetic landscapes and dazzling effects, or be used to create magnificent imagery and animation onto almost any surface.

They can be used on their own or complement other mediums as well. Our client’s find that utilising lasers to accompany large fireworks displays creates much more depth, scale and vividness in their events.

Our clients also use aerial laser effects and beam shows as an alternative to fireworks, since clients are “tired of seeing their money literally going up in smoke!” Our laser shows also provide repeatable performances with no additional costs so events can last longer, be used more frequently and generate a greater ROI.



3. World-class Creative Flair

All the new technologies in the world can’t replace what is really at the heart of a truly authentic entertainment experience . . . creativity. How all the pieces of the puzzle come together, from the invitations, the personalisation, and especially the experience itself; must be genuinely creative. We always recommend, no matter what technologies you are using; be mindful of your audience! Ask yourself, how do I create a truly immersive and memorable experience to connect with my audience?

Another consideration is that many event and production companies can be very skilled at delivering the technical side of a show, however, they can lack the ability to create bespoke equipment to achieve your goals and often, do not have the experience nor creative flair to fully realise your vision in creating a truly memorable event.

Our clients rely on our bespoke creative solutions from our in-house studios as well as our technical skills. Our multi-award winning team has been producing events, creative narratives, advertisements, short stories, effects shows and interactive experiences for over 35 years’. Our success stretches over multiple Guinness World Records to event and creative awards for our unique storytelling capabilities. We would always advise our prospective clients to work with someone who not only understands the complicated technical hurdles of these types of installations but someone who also understands mass entertainment and enjoys creating smiles and enduring memories across your next event audience.



Special Events | Permanent Attractions | Projection Mapping | Architectural Lighting

About Laservision:

Laservision are creators of unique and unforgettable sensory experiences. We harness the power of light, water, fire and other high impact mediums to evoke the senses, connect audiences with their environments and create enduring memories.

For over 30 years, our Mega Media entertainment and creative solutions have focused on four prime areas of speciality – Permanent Attractions, Projection Mapping, Architectural Lighting and Special Events. We offer a complete suite of services and products including conceptual development, creative production, technical engineering, research and development, project management, and operational and maintenance support services.



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