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Apr 2019

LASERVISION Brings Aurora Australis to Sydney for Huawei P30 Pro Event


Nestled amongst the busy skyline of Sydney, Australia, the Calyx at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney hosted a colourful and dazzling event for the launch of Huawei’s latest flagship mobile phone, the P30 Pro. To celebrate the new flagship’s incredible low-light and versatile camera technology, Huawei wanted to showcase the abilities of the P30 Pro’s Camera in stunning fashion and put it through its paces capturing many types of light and subjects in some of the most difficult lighting conditions.

With the help of LASERVISION’s LASER technology and the world-famous ‘Borealis’ creator Dan Acher, the #RewriteTheRules event hosted a beautiful artistic creation of the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis).

Utilising high-power lasers, hazers, audio and thematic lighting, visitors were amazed at the calm and serene environment and the experience was so inviting and mesmerising that many visitors pulled up blankets along with the park’s grassy areas and sat and gazed at the display for hours. Meanwhile, hundreds of the public gathered to get hands-on experience with the new cameras on the P30 Pro to capture the stunning display.


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