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Canon, Hong Kong

LocationHong Kong

“The low energy design utilises only 12.5 kilowatts per hour at a cost of under USD $2.00 per night.”
Sunrise Dynatech LTD – Power Monitoring Analysis Report

Canon Building, Hong Kong

The Canon Corporation occupies a prominent Kowloon skyscraper called Oterprise Square. Located in the Tsim Sha Tsui district, Canon has recently employed Laservision to provide a turnkey lighting design based on the following objectives:

  • Energy efficiency (particular attention was needed to minimise consumption)
  • Super bright
  • Minimal maintenance
  • A need for viewing to be viable from oblique angles
  • Consideration for the highly reflective nature of the exterior of the building

The design utilises high powered (6 watts) LED dots and has set a benchmark for environmentally sustainable skyscraper lighting. Fourteen rows of LED dots have been installed along each of the building’s external ribs and the design cleverly solves light trespass and light pollution issues that are problematic in illuminating glass surfaces. The final view provides spectators with intensely bright colour changing effects, regardless of the audiences viewing position.

The low energy design utilises only 1,800 watts at a cost of under USD $2.00 per night. At such a low energy requirement, this lighting design has the option to be serviced by sustainable energy solutions such as solar power.

Our Client enjoys the economic reward of high quality LED design with individual fixture globes lasting 70,000 to 80,000 hours – a lifetime of approximately 15 years! In comparison, traditional wash lighting fixtures have an expected lamp life of approximately 3,000 hours.

While both the Australian and Hong Kong markets are at the forefront of energy consumption sensitivity, Laservision has focused on and will continue to develop low energy lighting solutions.

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