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Everland, South Korea


“Move over Disneyland … the largest laser show in the world … the response from the public has been huge”
Connections Magazine

Everland, South Korea

South Korea’s Number One┬átourist attraction is in Everland near Seoul (Asia’s largest theme park). With the potential to entertain over 20,000 spectators per night, this multimedia installation is still recognised as the largest LASER spectacular in the world. The first spectacular ‘Miraculous’ was upgraded two years later by “Tan Gun Shin Wa” which won the prestigious International Laser Display Award for “Best Outdoor Show”.

The installation includes:

  • 70mm film
  • 25m waterscreen
  • 7 mainframe lasers
  • 5 Stella-Ray Yag lasers
  • 1,000+ lighting effects
  • 100+ lighting effects
  • 80,000 watt sound system
  • 7 channels of surround sound
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