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Movie World, Australia

LocationWarner Bros. Movie World

“The scariest, spookiest, spine-tingling roller coaster ever created!”
Australian Amusement Fanatics

Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster – Warner Brothers Movie World, Australia

Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster is currently the Number One Attraction of Warner Brothers Movie World located in Queensland, Australia. The ride was inspired by the multi-million dollar movie, filmed at the Warner Brothers studios.

The installation resulted in Laservision winning a prestigious “Special Application” award which was presented by the International Laser Display Association in Florida. The installation’s accomplishment is amplified as reviews have placed the ride as ‘outscoring the movie!’

The full-sized 530-metre MACK roller coaster is set in a traditional medieval castle. The ‘roller coaster’ section of the ride begins as the coaster falls weightlessly down a seven-metre drop. The drop produces 6G’s of force on the body.

The coaster then reverses into a turntable where the excited participants emerge into a 3D laser tunnel. The tunnel completely engulfs the carriage. The experience disorientates the audience as the carriage is enveloped by an ever-changing web of laser beams. Awaiting their own fate, the anxious patrons witness the carriage directly in front being ambushed, then swallowed by a colossal monster. This special effect was made possible through the incorporation of a second laser tunnel, which totally consumes the carriage.

Laservision’s state-of-the-art Sinodial Series control system was introduced as the Show Control solution for Movie World. The system includes a Digital Data Pump, which drives an arsenal of LASER effects throughout the castle. The robust technology of Sinodial Series is designed to coordinate all elements of large scale multimedia attractions, light shows, LASER effects and multi-channel audio.

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