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Feb 2003

Ride of your life! Laservision hits Movie World!

Laservision has extended their file of accolades through completion of the permanent attraction for Movie World on the Gold Coast. The challenge included the installation of a laser spectacular, for the ‘Scooby Doo – Spooky Coaster’.

Movie World, Scooby Doo Roller Coaster, Multimedia Tourist Attraction - Laservision

CEO of Movie World Mr John Menzies conceived the idea of building the 13 million dollar attraction. During his relentless attention to detail, he selected the Laservision team to add high impact laser effects to the attraction, based on reputation and the ability to finish the project at hand.

The ride was inspired by the latest multi-million dollar flick, filmed at the Warner Brothers studios. The accomplishment is amplified as reviews have placed the ride as ‘outscoring the movie!’ Scooby Doo is currently the number one attraction at Movie World.

The full sized 530-metre MACK rollercoaster is set in a traditional medieval castle. A frightening haunted theme crams the setting.

The ride has been described as “the scariest, spookiest, spine-tingling rollercoaster ever created!” Australian Amusement Fanatics, complete with “laser lighting and sound effects, animatronics and a kaleidoscope of colour, depth, height and trickery of dimension” Movie World.

The castle is segmented into two distinctive parts. The first section preconditions the thrill seekers with the integration of monsters and demons, saturating the interior. Participants are warned to “watch out for ghouls, gargoyles and the odd talking suit of armour!” Movie World.

Under the guidance of John Menzies and the Movie World team, the second section encompasses Laservision’s marvel! The coaster falls weightlessly down a 7-meter drop then back up to a turntable where participants are confronted by the 3D laser tunnel. This commences the ‘roller coaster’ section of the ride.

Movie World, Scooby Doo Roller Coaster, Permanent Multimedia Attraction - Laservision

The Warner Brothers team has successfully incorporated surprise as a key element to the success of the attraction. The fascination created by the 3D laser tunnel can hardly be put into words!

The audience is transformed as laser beams explode, enveloping the 4 seater car. The installation transforms brilliant, colourful lights into an energetic, fun-filled experience for children and adults alike.

The laser effects were made possible through the incorporation of 7 laser projectors. Integrating two 40 watt Laservision StellaRay systems. One system driving 3 remote fibre optic scanning heads, the second StellaRay drives two remote heads and one direct head.

These two laser systems are complemented by the installation of a Mini Ray 100 milliwatt Diode laser system. The system creates special effects in an area of the spooky coaster called the ‘Ring of Fire’.

The laser systems are strategically placed around the room illuminating an “ever-changing web of laser beams” (Laservision). Aided by mirrors on the floor, the installation creates infinite depth.

All aspects of the installation went to plan; Movie Worlds cooperation with the Laservision team ensured a hassle-free program. “Not a single little detail has been overlooked”. (Richard Wilson, Patron of Movie World).

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