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Sep 2007

‘A Symphony of Lights’ sets a new World Record!

Already a Guinness World Record for the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show,” ‘A Symphony of Lights’ has further expanded to include 43 of the city’s prominent buildings and skyscrapers.

The Symphony of Lights, Laser Light Show, Hong Kong Architectural Lighting - Laservision

Engaged by the Hong Kong Tourism Commission (HKTC), Laservision has recently completed its fourth phase of integrating new buildings into the show in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Hong Kong Island now boasts 23 featured buildings while Kowloon’s increasing contribution now totals 20. The show includes an arsenal of LED fixtures, searchlights, high powered lasers, floodlights, fibre optics, pyrotechnics and an original soundtrack that combine to represent the spirit and energy of Hong Kong. The expanded show was launched by the acting Financial Secretary, Mr Stephen Ip.

A Symphony of Light, Laser Light Show, Hong Kong Architectural Lighting - Laservision

Phases three and four have seen the incorporation of ten new buildings into the show. New standout buildings include Canon in Oterprise Square, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of America Tower, Emax, K11 and the Horizon Hotels. The expanded show has incorporated 11 new searchlights installed on Harbour City, Langham Place, Emax, and the installation of a high-intensity Stella~Ray II laser system onto the K11 skyscraper which is currently under construction on the Kowloon side. This is the first laser system to be included on the Kowloon side which provides impact to those audiences viewing the show from Hong Kong Island.

A recent survey conducted by the HKTC on the impact of the show on tourism revealed “the ‘Symphony of Lights’ spectacular increased the length of stay by tourists in Hong Kong by 1.4 days.”

Symphony of Light, Laser Light Show, Hong Kong Architectural Lighting - Laservision

Spectators are taken on a journey through the five themes of the show commencing with Awakening, followed by Energy, Heritage, Partnership and climaxing with Celebration as both sides of the Harbour unify to rejoice Asia’s world city. The best viewing locations of the expanded show include the Golden Bauhinia Square Promenade in Wan Chai, the Avenue of Stars and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade in Kowloon. The synchronised soundtrack is set up at these vantage points during show time from 8:00 pm nightly. Spectators also have the option to listen to the specially composed music via dialling in on a mobile phone. Listening options include English, Cantonese or Mandarin.

Energy efficient lighting design has been the focus of Laservision’s design team over the past two years. The impressive Canon Building, Hopewell Centre and the Standard Chartered Bank are products of this new evolution.

The Canon Building in Oterprise Square, Kowloon, utilises Laservision’s latest LED technology and has set the benchmark for environmentally sustainable skyscraper lighting. The final view provides spectators with intensely bright colour changing effects, regardless of viewing position.

Canon Building Laser Light Show, Multimedia Tourist Attraction, Hong Kong - Laservision

This low energy lighting design utilises only 1,800 watts at a cost of under $2 (USD) per night!

Laservision was engaged by the Hopewell Centre to provide a lighting solution in order to bring the building back to its original grandeur. Through the use of an energy efficient lighting design, Laservision illuminated the unique architecture in a way that is unmistakably the Hopewell Centre.

Hopewell Centre Building, Hong Kong Laser Light Show - Laservision

Through the use of innovative LED technology, the building has become an interactive canvas for corporate colours and branding as they rotate 360 degrees around the centre.

HSBC Building Laser Light Show, Multimedia Tourist Attraction, Hong Kong - Laservision

Standard Chartered Bank’s lighting design reflects the corporate colours of the organisation, increasing its identity and distinguishing it from its close proximity ‘banking’ neighbours. The energy-efficient design uses LED strip lighting to emphasise the lines of the building which are otherwise lost at night.

The inclusion of the latest buildings in the ‘Symphony of Lights’ has dramatically increased the enormity of this spectacular show as buildings located either side of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour erupt nightly in an impressive display of colour and firepower.

Laservision is a world-renowned pioneer of creative, high impact solutions for the Attractions, Architectural Lighting, Advertising and Special Events industries. Our creations are projected to targeted, large scale audiences, where audiences become an integral part of the experience.

These creations include permanently installed entertainment/communication for Theme Parks, Tourist Attractions and other Special Venues. Laservision also caters for themed celebrations and presentations for both the private and corporate sectors. Laservision’s world renowned installations include Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Sydney’s Darling Harbour. These installations can all be viewed at www.laservision.com.au/portfolios/.

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