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Mar 2018

BUILDING LIGHTING & EFFECTS: Clever Illumination Through Premium, Live Entertainment Data Controllers

Ever wondered how the elaborate neon, LED and specialist lighting effects on hotels, skyscrapers and other buildings manage to demonstrate such vibrant and intricate lighting designs?

Lighting control systems are a key component to complex exterior architectural lighting effects on the most advanced buildings in the world. The sheer amount of data that must be processed to drive lighting, projection mapping, LEDs and other special effects with millisecond precision is extraordinary.

These control systems manage data and allow advanced off-site planning and programming with flexibility for future creative updates. LASERVISION has a long history of installing proprietary lighting control systems. Their Digital Data Pump (DDP) facilitates lighting and show control data flow and manages the illumination sequences and light controls required.

For example, LASERVISION installed a highly sophisticated control system utilizing their propriety, high performance DDP’s to manage the massive lighting installation on Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino complex. The lighting and associated elements controlled on the 57-story luxury property featured; 998 roof mounted LED wash-lights, 20 moving head spotlights, 12 moving head lights with animated gobos, 30 high-powered search-lights, 35 additional specialist wash-lights and 7 high-powered lasers. The nightly reliability of LASERVISION’s DDP was proven with zero faults in a six-year operational cycle.




LASERVISION’s latest iteration of this critical data control hardware is the Digital Data Pump Series III Lite (DDPIII-LT). A super sophisticated and compact piece of equipment comes from a long line of LASERVISION DDP control models that have proved their robust capabilities over many decades of use and ongoing development, including some of the world’s largest light and sound shows, such as Hong Kong’s, A Symphony of Lights.

Chief Engineers and Building Maintenance Heads are currently commissioning LASERVISION to install DDPIII-LT modules into some of Hong Kong’s most signature buildings as they upgrade their lighting technologies. Having enjoyed more than a decade of successful service from their superseded DDPII model of data controllers; engineers and building managers are looking forward to a similar lifespan and high level of reliability and performance.

The DDPIII-LT is a very clever piece of kit. For the technically inclined you might be interested to know that the DDPIII-LT comes with LASERVISION’s proprietary Media Manager software which allows highly productive, integrated authoring and sequencing, and provides seamless integration of performance mediums including: lighting, laser, pyrotechnics, water-screens, fountains, professional quality audio and virtually all the necessary mediums that a building (or show) might feature.

The upgraded technology within the DDPIII-LT controller ensures that it can accommodate ongoing upgrades and potential changes of any lighting systems that it’s controlling. The Hong Kong skyline is an incredible sight at night and LASERVISION is committed to maintaining that impressive scenery.

LASERVISION provides the tech that keeps many of those beautifully lit buildings glowing and of course, makes sure that building engineers and management remain confident in a performance lighting and entertainment product that can be relied upon to deliver every night!



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