Outdoor entertainment is more important than ever as we begin to open up again and provide COVID-safe entertainment around the world. Celebrate the outdoors again with incredible experiences for your community by LASERVISION.

Get your community involved with a state-of-the-art, outdoor LASERVISION Show!

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Take your outdoor events to the next level with LASERVISION’s unique entertainment technologies and talented creative team. ‘WOW!’ your audiences and take them on a whole new creative journey that they crave.

Whether you are looking for a new exciting experience, like our Journey-style walking attractions that audiences can interact and become part of the experience. Or, if you’re after traditional style celebration shows with Fire, Lasers, Light and Water for all the world to see, our outdoor event solutions are like nothing else.





Large water bodies, beaches and rivers are a great place to create larger than life events using the power of water, light, and sound.

Water screens, dancing fountains, LASER, intelligent lighting, flame and special effects, and audio all come together to create COVID-safe entertainment to large audiences spread around a large area.




LUNA Light Journeys



A Hologram displaying a mystical stag is seamlessly nestled within the natural environment during this evening light trail experience


Explore the outdoors in a park, natural landmark or outdoor venue with our one-of-a-kind LUNA Light Journeys. Transform an existing space into artistic and immersive experiences, enticing visitors to return and rediscover their local urban and natural environments.

Encourage exploration and visitor interaction at a more personal pace. This is especially important during a post-COVID recovery strategy as it allows visitors to safely explore in smaller groups. It can be further enhanced by timed-ticketing or staged gateways into the experience.

Properties with many paths, natural spaces and points of interest can benefit greatly from this type of experience and they are perfect for community F&B/shopping districts, parks and nature trails, esplanades and promenades, museums and vacation resorts.



Immersive LASER & Light Shows

Create the ‘Wow!’ the brightest light source known to man! Light that you’re audience can be immersed in, as if they could reach out and touch it.

Our Laser and Light shows are some of the coolest shows around and provide high intensity and energetic shows which can be set to music and perfect for celebrations, holidays and sporting events and is perfect to extend or even replace the experience of traditional fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Laservision has been awarded numerous accolades for laser show events and has been a member of the International Laser Display Association for over 20 years, meaning you’ll receive the highest creativity and safety from our experienced laserists.

NEWS_LASERVISION Brings Aurora Australis to Sydney for Huawei P30 Pro Event




The entertainment technologies developed by LASERVISION over the past 35 years have been used to create some of the world’s most exciting events and celebrations. Our technologies used for New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, national holidays, community celebrations, music and light festivals, and grand openings are guaranteed to ‘WOW!’ your guests.

Using our creative and engineering expertise in lighting, fluid dynamics, video projection and software engineering, we’ve created some of the industries’ best water curtain, water screen, laser and projection mapping products for our clients. Enquire below about our technologies and rental services for your next big event.

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