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Mar 2022

Stunning New Light Sculpture Shines Brightly In Regional Victoria

LASERVISION Creates a Beautiful New Light Sculpture for Swan Hill Rural City Council in Robinvale, VIC 

March 1st, 2022: LASERVISION has successfully created and installed another beautiful Light / Art Sculpture for Swan Hill Rural City Council and the vibrant rural community of Robinvale, Victoria. The new local art piece was created by LASERVISION as part of the ‘Our Region Our Rivers’ program funded by the Regional Growth fund. The unique installation is interactive allowing community members and visitors to rotate the structure and direct its dynamic light patterns onto the nearby ‘canvas’ of Robinvale Community Arts Centre.

LASERVISION worked with Rhonda McTaggart, a local artist and secondary teacher at Robinvale College as well as the students during the annual Harmony Day celebrations to gather inspiration from the local community. Students brainstormed a range of ideas around ways we could celebrate multicultural Robinvale and what images they would like to see in the artworks that were created. The motifs and themes of the artworks range from their favourite types of foods and multicultural elements that make up Robinvale as well as local icons and even a panel with “hello” written in the many languages that make up the local community of Robinvale. Ideas were collected from both students and families in answer to the probing question of “what does celebrating cultural diversity look like?”


The stunning light sculpture beams into the night and projects the motifs, icons and related imagery that reflects the values and multiculturalism of the community of Robinvale.


Jade Benham, Swan Hill Rural City Council Mayor said, “This magnificent piece is what happens when you allow the creative process to run wild and thrive! It’s a brilliant, beautiful solution to this space . . .”

“We are so proud to have worked with locals in Robinvale to create such a stunning art activation, adding a little piece of LASERVISION in the heart of Robinvale that will provide enjoyment to the community and visitors for many decades to come.”  Mr. Shannon Brooks, CEO of LASERVISION added. ”




LASERVISION are creators of unique and unforgettable sensory experiences. We harness the power of light, water, fire and other high impact mediums to evoke the senses, connect audiences with their environments and create enduring memories. For over 35 years, our entertainment solutions have focused on three prime areas of speciality–Permanent Attractions, Architectural Lighting and Special Events. We offer a complete suite of services and products, including conceptual development, creative production, technical engineering, research and development, project management, operational and maintenance support services.

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