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Jul 2020

Increase Dwell Time and Engagement with Night-time Experiences

Night-time Experiences with LASERVISION

A significant amount of modern life takes place at night, generating great economic benefits for properties, destinations, venues, and public precincts that are capitalising on this trend and providing unique and engaging after-dark experiences for their visitors and communities.

Visitors are seeking destinations and venues that provide unique nightlife experiences that include artistic and highly creative elements such as projection mapping installations, illuminated digital art exhibits, interactive light sculptures, lighted fountains and other immersive mediums

Venues like casinos and shopping malls have been offering these types of experiences for years now, but even urban precincts, heritage parks, national parks, and ski resorts are realising the benefits of providing a 24/7 experience, especially as they prepare for a post-COVID, hyper-local tourism boom. Being able to transform existing spaces and facilities into artistic and immersive experiences is key to meeting this demand and enticing visitors to return and rediscover their local urban and natural environments.

Night-time Experiences Provide:

  • A drawcard for old and new visitors,
  • increased footfall and dwell times,
  • differentiated property and brand exposure,
  • flexibility in entertainment programming and content to align with special events and holidays,
  • unique and immersive environments,
  • managed visitor flows increasing post-COVID safety,
  • multiple seasons or off-season visitation for 365-day operation,
  • full utilisation of public spaces without having to make brick-and-mortar changes,
  • cultural storytelling opportunities that celebrate local identity.



NEWS_LITHGLOW 2019 – ‘Forged by Fire’ Projection and Laser Show Brings History to Life

A show-style night-time experience for a light festival in regional Australia with projection mapping and LASER and inspired by local history and culture.


” . . . visitors are flocking to destinations
and venues who provide unique
night-time experiences . . .”


What are Night Time Experiences?

Night-time Experiences come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to accomplish many different objectives and work within a variety of spaces.

Show-type Night Time Experiences

Depending upon demographics, climate and venue, nighttime experiences may have one large focal point and gathering location for a more traditional “show” feel and are designed to entertain large groups for an extended length of time. Typically show-style experiences and installations work well where there are significant monuments, buildings or areas that are the main attraction or asset located on or within the property. An example of a world-class nighttime experience with a central show-style production is the ‘IMAGINE’ Light, Water and Fire show at Dubai Festival City Mall in Dubai, UAE. The ‘IMAGINE’ permanent attraction is designed to capture a large audience (approximately 10,000 patrons) per show and features nightly signature shows and musical fountain activations. Since its inception by LASERVISION in 2017, Dubai Festival City Mall has seen a growth of 40% in its attendance, is a significant contributor to international tourism to Dubai and has provided a renewed nighttime environment for the local community.



Journey-type Night Time Experiences

A field of stars, you can touch in LASERVISION’s night time Journey Experiences

Other locations and venues can benefit from ‘journey style night-time experiences that encourage exploration and visitor interaction at a more personal pace. This is especially important during a post-COVID recovery strategy as it allows visitors to safely explore in smaller groups. Small groups can travel through non-linear, interactive experiences spread over a large area, and the effect can be further enhanced by timed ticketing or staged gateways into the experience.

Journey-type experiences typically guide visitors either in a linear story-telling journey or through self-exploration in a non-linear journey.  This type of experience works really well with museums, art galleries, and destinations or properties with unique surroundings and encourage flow-through to and around key interest points. Properties with many paths, natural spaces and points of interest can benefit greatly from this type of experience and they are perfect for community F&B/shopping districts, parks and nature trails, esplanades and promenades, museums and vacation resorts.

Check out our latest Journey-style lighting experience for The City of Greater Bendigo Council in Bendigo, VIC; ‘AWAKEN – Bendigo Brought to Light’


A Hologram displaying a mystical stag is seamlessly nestled within this natural environment during an evening light trail experience

A wise tree tells the story of the forest in a LASERVISION Night-time Journey

Ambient and Themed Night-time Experiences

Often many of LASERVISION’s clients’ are purely looking to create an ambience/theme throughout their properties and on their buildings to enhance their unique architectural design esthetic. It also offers the added benefit and flexibility of transforming the space in real-time to align with special events, national celebrations and holiday events.  With the use of projection mapping, intelligent lighting, LED, LASER and other lighted mediums, we are able to create a unique look-and-feel to accentuate an area for patrons or create a modern iconic look for a building and truly make your space stand out.


LASERVISION’s artist impression of a themed night-time experience featuring projection mapping on the architecture and cascading waterfall feature.


What type of Night-time Experience is right for my location?


LASERVISION has partnered and guided our clients, their architects, master planners and other key stakeholders to strategically design night-time experiences that are perfect for their venue/location, budget, clientele and visitation goals.

Whether it is a new development or an existing precinct that’s looking for an upgrade, LASERVISION can tailor an experience that works for your space. Laservision has successfully created attractions that range in size and scale from intimate installations to entire precinct wide installations and experiences.

LASERVISION is here for you to have an initial discussion to work with you to define potential solutions and explore your options to elevate and reactivate your space for a successful post-COVID recovery.


A beautifully designed, ambient after-dark experience around a water body featuring underwater projection mapping and virtual flora and fauna.


“We have already experienced a 40% uplift in visitors and we expect this positive trend to continue.”

—Steven Cleaver, Director Shopping Malls, Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate


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