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Sep 2019

Unique Outdoor Water Screen Shines Bright at Darwin International Film Festival

LASERVISION is thrilled to unveil the first-ever Water Screen installation on the beautiful Darwin Waterfront for the 10th annual Darwin International Film Festival. (DIFF) The grand finale and celebration saw LASERVISION’s Water Screen treat audiences to a truly spectacular display of specially sourced and curated film content.

In partnership with DIFF, the new Water Screen projection technology provided an innovative medium to project a selection of local and international films and animated art to large audience surrounded by the gorgeous natural landscape on the Waterfront. The 30-metre-wide projection screen, high-powered LASERs and Panasonic Projectors also provided amazing imagery, LASER shows, and branding opportunities for the festival over the 3-day special event.


Sunrise On the Beautiful Darwin Waterfront on the eve of the Darwin International Film Festival Finale

Sunrise On the Beautiful Darwin Waterfront on the Eve of the Darwin International Film Festival Finale Weekend.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Darwin International Film Festival in this new program addition and involved in an event where locals and tourists alike can enjoy the Waterfront space in a strong community atmosphere. The Water Screen uses the Lagoon space to its best advantage and we are excited to see it come to life in such a unique and captivating way.” Says Mr. Shannon Brooks, CEO of LASERVISION. “The Darwin International Film Festival is a great opportunity for LASERVISION to share our water screen and projection technologies with Territorians for the first time. We are excited to bring these stories to life for the community and festival attendees at the beautiful Darwin Waterfront Precinct.”

LASERVISION’s record-breaking water screen technology has been used for permanent attractions and special events all over the world and can function in fresh or saltwater environments as well as tidal areas. Used for film projection, mobile art galleries, advertisement space, and bespoke creative events—LASERVISION’s supersized Water Screen technology is the perfect platform to reach a massive live audience in a unique and entertaining way.

A LASER Tunnel Effect before the start of the LASER Show at Darwin International Film Festival.

A ‘LASER Tunnel’ Effect on the 30-metre Wide Water Screen, LASER Show at Darwin International Film Festival.

Bring the ‘WOW!’ with LASERVISION Water Screens for your next big event.

If you’re looking for an immersive and large scale entertainment technology, such as our water screen and projection solutions for your next big event, please feel free to contact us or check out our other award-winning projects that have featured our unique and immersive technologies.

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