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The Pearl of Sochi, Russia


‘The Pearl of Sochi’ – Multimedia Attraction

The Pearl of Sochi, Russia

In preparation and celebration of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Laservision created Russia’s first Permanent Multimedia Attraction The Pearl of Sochi, a spectacular multimedia experience created for Russia’s premier Olympic Entertainment Centre ‘Mandarin’ on the Black Sea Coast.

To appeal to the culturally diverse tourist market and transcend language barriers, Laservision’s Creative Department designed a show with no narrative or dialogue. The story and themes are communicated to the audience through the use of emotive imagery, a unique music score and visual effects.

Laservision’s rendition of the famous Russian fable utilises universally recognisable themes of love, anger, fear, fantasy, joy and humour as audiences are immersed in the 20-minute performance.



In addition to the headline show, Laservision provided a secondary high impact, high energy, visual effects spectacular designed specifically to thrill the audience – ‘FX Mania’ – incorporating video mapping and multimedia technologies to create a synchronised, 20 minute, high energy, visual feast for audiences to enjoy.

‘FX Mania’ takes the audience on a journey into an alternate reality as the technologies produce a vista of visual effects in a kaleidoscope of colours accompanied by a high energy music compilation.


  • Russia’s first Permanent Multimedia Attraction
  • 3,500sqm purpose-built Multimedia Attraction Arena
  • Utilising the latest video mapping technologies used for the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games
  • Over half a million lumens of LED light power
  • Dynamic, customised, moving head musical fountain
  • Over 500 individually controlled technologies synchronised to 1/100 of a second


A unique, music score was specifically created for this attraction, inspired by both modern European and contemporary works. The musical selection and composition were designed to emotionally connect with the audience as they are immersed in the fantasy.


  • All the mediums are controlled and synchronised down to the millisecond by Laservision’s proprietary Digital~Data Pump Series III ( DDPIII ) media servers
  • Elegant, custom designed, musical fountain with 12 individually controlled fountains reaching 20 metres in height, in conjunction with various independent tilt mechanisms allows for a wide range of stunning liquid patterns
  • The fountains are illuminated by submerged Laservision high powered multi coloured custom LED technology
  • Super High Definition, high powered, liquid cooled projectors with quad lamp reliability
  • A plethora of Special FX including fog, strobes lights, bubble machines and moving headlights
  • Three high powered, full-colour laser modules providing dynamic laser imagery and beam effects
  • 5.1 weatherised surround sound audio system
  • As part of the complex creative programming process, flight paths were analysed in conjunction with the local authorities to ensure pilots did not encounter misdirected lights or lasers
  • The entire show can also be operated by a tablet from anywhere in the world

Located in Russia’s largest resort city, Mandarin is the first and only outdoor lifestyle entertainment centre in the country. The centre features a diverse set of recreation and entertainment attractions providing all year-round activities to enhance the region as the number #1 international resort destination.

Designed in collaboration with world-renowned architecture firm Jerde Partnership, the 3,500 square metre, purpose-built, ‘Pearl of Sochi’ Multimedia Attraction, provides nightly performances to over 3,000 visitors per evening.

‘The Pearl of Sochi’ combines the latest in entertainment technologies and creative wizardry in recreating one of Russia’s most popular poems from children’s author, Korney Chukovsky,

Known for their catchy rhythms, inventive rhymes and bizarre characters, Chukovsky childhood classic  – ‘The Stolen Sun’ is reborn as a spectacular light, sound and visual effect show titled ‘The Sun Thief’.

This famous Russian fable is the tale of a mischievous crocodile who steals the sun, plunging the world into darkness. Two bear cubs that were happily playing in the woods become separated from their father due to the suns’ disappearance. Frightened, the animals turn to the bear to help retrieve the sun and bring joy back to the land.

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