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Aqua Magic, Darling Harbour, Australia


Awarded ‘Best Multimedia Attraction’
The International Laser Display Association (ILDA), USA

Sydney’s Number One┬átourist attraction, Darling Harbour, was the prime entertainment venue during the 2000 Olympics. It was also the site for Aqua Magic, at the time the world’s only fully floating Water~Screen Spectacular. This show projected to an audience measured in the millions.

Laservision’s technical solution allowed both Water~Screens and the two projection barges to rise and fall with the tide and yet, “lock down” at show time for perfect alignment using an active mooring system.

Special shows were prepared for the Olympics and included digital projection, high powered lasers, lights, audio and fountains.

The Aqua Magic show, “Fish Opera” won the prestigious International Laser Display Association award for “Best Graphics”.