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Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

CountryHong Kong

“Sophisticated technology … dynamic performances.”
Lighting Magazine, USA

Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

Laservision was engaged by the Hong Kong Tourism Commission to draw up a harbour lighting report for Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

As a result of the report, the Hong Kong Tourism Commission promptly decided to showcase some of the lighting techniques to be employed under Laservision’s plan during the two week Chinese New Year holiday.

The continuous sweeping facade of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre became a public canvas for video mapping. Scenic projection and intelligent lighting were overlayed with laser animation together with searchlights to produce an unforgettable experience for a mass audience. The show proved highly successful, entertaining a volume of 10,000 people per hour.

Over the past 13 years, the Cultural Centre has repeatedly come under fire for its “windowless harbour-facing facade”. The setting up of the show entailed procuring the largest crane Laservision could find in Hong Kong. The 160-tonne crane enabled the crew to position, and later dismantled, the equipment on and off the roof of the building towering 60 metres from the ground.

The visual mediums were projected onto the 60m by 120m wide external face of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The piazza and the marine deck in front of the ‘big screen’ were easily turned into viewing galleries for the vast numbers of people who came to watch the spectacular. The Cultural Centre was ideal for such purposes in terms of location and accessibility.

The New Year’s celebration was widely praised by tourists and local residents alike.

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