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Jan 2022



With a challenging yet successful 2021—a year that will be remembered by the entertainment industry in Australia and around the world as one of the toughest entertainment seasons we’ve seen—we are extremely grateful for all of our clients and business partners around the globe.

Everything from travel and logistics to manufacturing and design was filled with all-new challenges that we successfully navigated to continue to provide our clients exceptional entertainment solutions for their audiences and visitors. We are grateful and thank each and every one of you for your professionalism, belief in our amazing Creative and Engineering teams, and encouragement throughout the last few years of this pandemic. As we begin 2022, we wanted to take a look back on the highlights and most memorable moments from 2021.

Below is a snapshot of some of our favourite installations, events and immersive experiences we had the pleasure of creating in 2021!

Watch this space because 2022 is going to be even more incredible for LASERVISION and our clients!




Adding to our incredible portfolio of permanent water, light and sound shows and modular special event water shows, we’ve continued to raise the bar for our clients around the world as we introduce even more choices in our product offerings for our fountain and water-based shows. Our new addition of modular fountain elements for short-term installations means we can create a bespoke fountain experience for all of our clients, large and small. From 10 meters to 1,000 meters, we can provide incredible and immersive water show experiences almost anywhere.

Vietnam – Light, Water and Sound Show (Soon to be released)

Our Guinness World-record winning fountain design team were back at it again during 2021 heading to Vietnam and installing one of our largest fountain shows to date with over 273 towering fountains that span over 200 meters in a brand-new luxury precinct and development in Vietnam. The installation and creative team were hard at work over 2021 installing over 75 kilometres of cabling, 20 kilometres of piping, and all of the infrastructure needed to create the massive fountain show that pumps an astonishing 14,000 cubic metres of water an hour. That’s enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool in less than 10 minutes!

Production still continues on this incredible show and we can’t way to unveil this achievement of ours. LASERVISION has produced a number of headlining shows for this attraction and we look forward to launching these in early 2022.

‘Mandurah Alive!’ – Australia Day Fountain and LASER Show

Audiences in Mandurah, WA were entertained with a spectacular show featuring content celebrating the story and culture of the local community. Our vast array high powered lasers, projection technologies, moving-head fountains, intelligent lighting, special effects and customised water screens span 140 meters in length. Learn more about the ‘Mandurah Alive’ or Wollongong Australia Day Shows here!


Water & LASER Performance for The Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia

LASERVISION Celebrated the Heavy Vehicle Industry of Australia at Streets Beach Pool at the famous South Bank Truck Festival in Brisbane, QLD. This is the first time fountain and LASER technology were featured at Streets Beach Pool and we were honoured to bring such a spectacular show to a unique and iconic space. Learn more about our Water Fountain, Projection and LASER performance here!




LASERVISION’s LUNA Light Journeys are quite the hit as we introduced our COVID-safe night journey experiences to our clients during the height of COVID restrictions. They have since evolved into some of our most beautiful experiences and are a crowd favourite for many of our communities. These beautiful creations allow for the natural exploration of transformed community spaces via our night-walk product. We transform these spaces into innovative and immersive stories for our visitors and the response had been incredible. LUNA Light Journeys feature some of our newest creations and story-telling mediums with the introduction of our interactive projection mapping, colourful pixel-mapping, hologram technology, elegant light sculptures, fibre-optics, LASER and all of the unique creative innovations you can find with LASERVISION.

‘The Enchanted Garden’ – Brisbane, QLD

Running from the 1-23 of December, Roma Street Parkland opened to a sold-out crowd and morphed into a breath-taking enchanted garden featuring nearly 8000 square metres of custom-made lighting, audio, special effects, digital light sculptures, high-powered lasers and newly developed interactive projections and hologram technology delivering a world-class digital art experience in the heart of Brisbane.  Click here to learn more about our largest interactive light show in Brisbane.

‘Awaken’ – Bendigo Brought to Light – Bendigo, VIC

Every night over the period of 26 June 2021 – 17 July 2021, Bendigo’s beautiful Rosalind Park was transformed with a series of vibrant installations that engaged and immersed regional visitors to Bendigo in an unforgettable sensory experience. This LUNA Light Journey attracted nearly 65,000 people from all over Bendigo and the surrounding region. Considering the measures that were taken to control attendance and provide a COVID-safe experience, having a sold-out show, every single night, was incredible! Using projection, holograms, LASERs, lighting and special effects; each installation captured Bendigo’s stories of the city and its rich history, through a radiant display of light, colour and sound in a spectacular fashion. Learn more about ‘AWAKEN’ here.




NYE LASER Light Show – Orange, NSW

This modern sensory experience was created for the New Year’s Eve celebration entertaining thousands of community spectators at Wayde Park, Orange, NSW. The 16-minute light spectacular was a huge success with thousands watching from the venue as well as thousands more from the Live Stream that was broadcasted due to the event being sold out and to provide a safe environment during COVID restrictions. This awesome LASER and Light show is one of our favourite 360-degree immersive LASER shows!

Porsche Taycan Launch Event


MARVEL’s Eternals Launch Event






LASERVISION’s hologram technology is allowing us to create uber-realistic creations and storytelling elements in our client’s natural habitats, venues and exhibits around the work. Our last permanent hologram was used to tell a rich and historical account unveiled for an edutainment exhibit for Caboolture Historical Village, in QLD, Australia. Using our unique hologram technology, this exhibit welcomes visitors with a life-like recreation of Mr. William Geddes, ‘Lord of Caboolture,’ and the first Postmaster at the very same Post Office building where he worked back in 1869. Our hologram technology is also prominently in our LUNA Light Journeys, so please do take a look at the above content as well.


A Hologram displaying a mystical stag is seamlessly nestled within the natural environment during this evening light trail experience

LASERVISION Interactive Projection Mapping

LASERVISION recently unveiled our latest technology for large-scale projection mapping by adding a revolutionary interactive element to further engage our audiences and set ourselves apart as a leading entertainment provider.

Projection mapping has been used for years to fill up large spaces with dramatic and immersive video on a variety of surfaces such as buildings, structures, sculptures and pathways. We’ve taken our proven projection-mapping technologies used all over the world and have allowed our audiences to control the content and interact with and become further immersed in our storytelling creations. We use a variety of technologies to real-time track the audience such as LiDAR, Stereo-imagery and classic electromechanical solutions. Combined with our real-time imagery and creative software we are able to bring our vision and stories to life and make the audience an active participant in shaping and changing the story on their journey.





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